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The Importance of Effective Web Design

Your about page is an opportunity to share more information about your business, while providing your readers with helpful resources. An effective design should make it easy for your readers to find the information they need. It should be well organized, have a clear call to action, and use color to draw their attention. Research shows that colors can greatly affect how readers respond to a design scoopearth. The colors of your about page should be consistent with your branding.

When designing the content on your About page, keep in mind that the information is most important at the top. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, web users spend 80% of their time reading information above the fold. This makes the first few paragraphs of your About page important. While this may not seem like much, it will provide your audience with enough information to decide if they want to keep reading knowseobasics.

Another way to draw attention to your business is to use a picture of a character or company. For example, Marcus Sheridan’s about page uses a picture of a lion in his header. The picture makes his brand look more powerful and credible. It also allows your visitors to see who is behind the business. Web developers and graphics professionals will also appreciate a well-designed About page codeplex.

The about page is a key piece of your website, and it should be the foundation of your brand voice. It should serve as the place for your brand’s learning and storytelling. The copy should also include relevant links to further your audience’s journey. Links are an important part of web design and can help improve your SEO strategy as well as guide your audience to the next step.

Your about page can serve a variety of purposes, from attracting advertisers to content contributors. It can also attract job seekers, researchers, or anyone who is interested in your niche. Your visitors want to know the facts about your business. For example, an advertiser may want to know if your site covers the demographic it is targeting fruzo.

A successful about page will feature a captivating story about the author. This type of storytelling is proven to increase conversion rates. In fact, one study showed that the use of personal stories on landing pages increased conversion rates by 8%. This shows that people relate to stories that are personal. This is why many about pages focus on personal stories sitepronews.

Your about page should match the overall design of your website. The design of this page should complement your brand’s colors and theme. If you want to share a lot of information about your team, you can use scenic header images, colorful graphics, and even embedded videos. The design of your about page should be warm and professional.


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