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How to Get a Job in Anime Voice Acting

If you’re interested in getting your name on an anime series, the best way to start is by submitting demo tapes to studios and casting directors. These tapes should resemble short anime scenes, and should be no longer than two minutes long. If possible, choose a few different voices so the casting director can hear how you can change the voice of a character. Anime projects tend to be series, so it will be beneficial for you to work in different styles.

To get a job in anime voice acting, you’ll want to have a unique voice. One of the most iconic voice casts is the Joestar family. You can choose a tone of voice that ranges from a gentle discussion of current events to the sound of a mad scientist. If you have a voice that fits these roles, audition for them and show your versatility. You can also try a voice acting workshop to learn from experienced professionals and improve your skills.

To become a good anime voice actor, you’ll need to be able to express emotion and meaning clearly. It helps to be well-versed in Japanese culture, as most anime is created in Japan. A background in theatre and performing arts can also be a plus. Acting lessons can give you a great head start when auditioning for anime roles. And remember to research every audition. There are always openings in the industry.


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